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Willie ChaidesWillie Chaides – Store Manager

Willie Chaides joined Topanga Lumber & Hardware Co., Inc. in 2000 and was named Store Manager in 2013. Willie is responsible for managing in-store sales, customer service, day-to-day operations and logistics. Willie also specializes in door and window orders. He takes great pride in his job and furthering his knowledge of the current and future construction markets. Willie is a retail manager veteran with more than 25 years of home improvement and merchandising experience.

Willie has two sons, and takes pride in coaching Tournament Team Baseball and mentoring young players.

Willie attended public schools and studied at Mission College.

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Ernie DemontreuxErnie Demontreux – General Manager of Lumber Sales

Ernie Demontreux, is the company’s veteran staff member with over thirty-five year’s of employment.  He played a pivotal role in developing the company’s entertainment division.

He is responsible for the company’s procurement of lumber as well as the distribution between the two company locations.  His efficiency in lumber acquisitions is paramount to the growth of the company..  Ernie’s understanding of the lumber and hardware business has led to his successful career with the company.  He has developed long term relationships with associated in the lumber and our customer base.

Ernie, is a native of New Jersey and a resident of Topanga Canyon, since 1988.  He has been married for 17 years and is the proud father of a young teenage daughter.  He donates his time to the local school and is the General Manager of the Topanga Symphony Orchestra.

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Lynn CauseyLynn Causey – Entertainment Sales Manager

Lynn Causey was named Glendale Store manager in 1999, and is responsible for managing lumber sales, logistics, overseeing product sales and distribution, customer relations with studio accounts and assisting in buying lumber materials He takes great pride in his position and is devoted to providing our customers the best customer service available.

He brings over 30 years of experience to this position.  Lynn, joined our company in 1994, after working at Friday, Fort Smith and Terry Lumber.

Lynn, is a native of Arkansas and is the proud father of two grown daughters.

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